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Implement PIDs at your organisation

Accessing PID services

In Australia, PID services are provided by the Australian Research Data Commons and the Australian Access Federation, in collaboration with international PID providers.

Guidance and considerations

Considerations for specific persistent identifiers can be found in the outputs of the 2023 PID Strategy Working Groups

A summary of the working group outputs is available as a downloadable PDF.

WG Summaries - National PID Strategy & Roadmap.pdf

Priority PIDs and PID principles

The following set of ‘priority PIDs’ and ‘PID principles’ outlines best practices that the Australian research sector can take to work towards the goals of the National PID Strategy.

Where possible, use the following priority PIDs:

  1. ORCID for identifying researchers and contributors to research

  2. ROR for identifying research organisations and organisations that are part of the research ecosystem such as funders or research infrastructure providers

  3. DOI for identifying research grants, data, publications, instruments and other types of research outputs in scope for the DOI service provider

  4. RAiD for identifying research projects and activities

  5. IGSN for identifying research physical samples 

Where possible, adhere to the following PID principles:

  1. Create rich metadata when minting PIDs

  2. Integrate PIDs into research and research management workflows

  3. Use PIDs early in research workflows and apply to any appropriate entity

  4. Use internationally recognised leading practice for PID minting and management 

Where possible, manage PIDs well at the institutional level by:

  1. Establishing an institutional PID policy and/or ensuring relevant policies reference PIDs 

  2. Creating a ‘Stakeholder Action Plan’ outlining the goals and implementation plan for the adoption and use of PIDs and contributing the Plan to the National PID Roadmap

  3. Choose systems that offer PID creation, integrations, ongoing management

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