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Stakeholder Action Groups

Stakeholder Action Groups

Stakeholder Action Groups are being formed to enable the National PID Strategy and contribute to the National Collaborative Roadmap. The Groups will facilitate discussion and alignment in implementing PIDs among stakeholders with similar interests and produce shared outputs including:

  1. Capability Maturity Model tailored for the Stakeholder Group, underpinned by case studies and use cases

  2. Collective Stakeholder Action Plan contributed to National PIDs Roadmap

  3. Guidance for stakeholder implementation including a set of recommendations

  4. Identification of potential collaborative projects to advance the collective action plan

  5. Contribution to the gathering of baseline statistics to measure success

The first set of Stakeholder Action Groups will be:

  1. Funders

  2. Institutions

  3. NCRIS facilities

To express your interest in joining a Stakeholder Action Group, please review the Terms of Reference and send an email to by 14 June 2024 stating your name, organisation and the Stakeholder Action Group you wish to participate in.

The Terms of Reference are also available as a downloadable PDF.

Terms of Reference - Stakeholder Action Groups (National PID Strategy & Roadmap).pdf

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